Screenwriting and creation in stereoscopic 3D and Virtual Reality.

From shooting native 3D to designing interactive VR experiences using Unity and Unreal.

Supervision of all types of narrative projects using new cutting-edge technologies.

Lucid Dreams Productions Events

Upcoming Events:

- December 2016 - AbelCine, New York

VR Workshop "An Introduction to Virtual Reality"

- December 2016 - 3D Stereo Media, Belgium

3 days VR Workshop "Get going in 3D cinematic VR"


3D Stereo Media


Past Events (2016):

VR on the Lot, Los Angeles

Hololens Hackaton, Los Angeles

Cinegear, Los Angeles

MUTEK festival VR salon with Celine Tricart, Montreal

University of Southern California "Talent Week @USC"

NABSHOW 2016, Las Vegas Convention Center

- Columbia College and DePaul University, Chicago

- Digital Hollywood, Skirball Center Los Angeles

Hololens Hackathon Hololens Hackathon Cinegear mutek

USC NABSHOW2016 french DH